About Tora Izumi

I was born in Tokyo/Japan in 1980. male. Primary job is office worker as an employee of a company, not a professional photographer. I like photo shooting as well as viewing. Various things can be subjects of my photos. Street snap, landscape, flowers, etc…photo of my cat whose name is Torao would be shared in this blog. Uploaded images are mainly captured by DSLR. I started photography with a digital camera, not film one, but sometimes I enjoy “slow photography life” with an analog camera and an independent exposure meter. It is also fun as I can be released from digital/computer world. What I do not like is overdramatic photo which has too much exaggerated contrast, sharpness and saturation. They are just unnatural. I have been trying to develop my photo skill, it should be long journey, but I will enjoy it.
Twitter account: toraizumix (do not forget last “x”)

About this site

This site is to share photographs I took with a lot of people via internet. I am happy to read your comments.
For subjects of the photographs, I am doing my best not to violate rights of portrait nor publicity, but if you find anything I have to improve, please kindly let me know from contact form. Also, please note that blog posts and all images are Copyright Tora Izumi. All rights reserved. No use, duplication nor adaptation allowed without written permission. Sharing posts in SNS is of course welcome.

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